Tuesday, November 2, 2010



No sooner had Fay and I recovered from the delight of seeing six Red-tailed Black-Cockatoos flying aross the property than [the day after] three [the norm] Glossy Black-Cockatoos came from the south-east and flew north-west across the property, Crippling views but my camera was in the bedroom and by the time I'd grabbed it, changed from the standard 50mm to the 300mm lens, they were gone.

Such is life!

On the other hand, the casuarinas we planted along the drain have shot up and should be providing the Glossies with additional food sources in the next year or two.

Another Allen Road innovation has been the introduction of mealworm to the north feeder - and that should be enough to agitate a few diehrad anti-feeder Aussie birders. To date I've noted that both the Magpie-larks and Apostlebirds have found the new food a treat, certainly they swoop in shortly after I place out the mealworms

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